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Need the perfect gift? The Reiki Power ring is used with the practice of the reiki techniques, generating a powerful vortex of flowing energy threw its center . Its wonderful in the healing room, under a massage table,or bed.Activates the flow of the electro-magnetic field,affecting the nurology, psychology and physiology, bringing a synergy  to the 5 elements with in the body and with the universe.Pets love the pulsing energy and can also benefit from its use,under a cage or bed. 
Mantra, Master Symbols, Techniques,.Mudra.

The REIKI POWER RING is perfect for:
-Self diagnosis and healing w/ Reiki energy and your body's energy system
-includes a 7 day detox program complete w/ menu suggestions.
-everything you need to start practicing w/ REIKI energy now!
-techniques for self- mastery and balance
-Refreshes and restores your body's inturnal battery

-Other special occasions!
Great for classes, parties or solo use.
Goes out doors into nature.
recieve Bach remedy free!
recieve 1 flower remedy free, (fill out the questionare),and ear plugs, with each purchace of THE REIKI POWER RING. 
(Online offer only)
Everything you need to learn and  practice the Reiki system of self- mastery now!

Reiki is a perfect modality for working with pets in their own living enviornment,and creates a sacred balanced and peacful space for all.
our experienced team of Reiki Masters can sit down with you,(by phone or E-mail) to plan out what you need. As a family-owned and operated business, we take delicate and individual care of every single Reiki Ring, and every single customer!
call and order yours TODAY!