About Us
Our shop is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 1979.  Unlike a lot of shops, we receive daily orders and send out daily shipments of our products, so you know our turn around time will be swift and timely. And as always be quality, long lasting and beautifully crafted.  Omni, our lead designer, has studied with many Reiki masters, and has learned and practiced techniques from all over the world, and she brings her unique expertise to each and every order.  Her creative staff of Reiki Masters and experienced plastic designers are eager to help you create a unique vision for your personal healing journey and self mastery.
Our delivery range is all over the world, and we use UPS so your REIKI POWER RING is guaranteed to arrive beautiful, fully charged and ready for immediate use.
"I've been  practicing reiki  for  over five years. The new techniques taught in the manual have really excelerated my understandings of the precepts, and the the detox diet menu is wonderful and delicious. The most rewarding part is my increased spiritual practice. My original reiki instructor did not include all the techniques, the manual that came with the reiki ring gave me all the tools.  Now I feel I can help other people, and myself,  to put a greater meaning to their lives and everything they do. The pulsing energy from the reiki ring is truly transformative.
- Stacy Moore

The Reiki Ring is silk screened, black letters on a white background. Made of durable plastic and is water proof, so it can sit outside in a beautiful garden.
Before you make your purchase,please know that the reiki ring is made in the USA .Copyright and patten pen. We also can fabricate any thing out of plastic and inventors are welcome! Please enjoy your beautiful crafted Reiki Ring and thank you for your special order.


(510)305-8159 MAKPlastic@aol.com  We will see you soon!

ONLY $59.55 Ca. residence please add sales tax.